Large Ceiling-mounted Industrial Ventilation Fan 

  • Five magnalium blades
  • Available sizes:  7.3m, 6.1m, 4.9m 
  • Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor
  • DANFOSS VFD controller
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Highly efficient & energy saving
  • Area coverage up to 1500 sqm per fan*

*may vary depending on actual conditions


Main Components
PMSM motor

Motor System--- PMSM motor technology

1.Low backlash assembly process and gear grinding technique, lower noise

2.Strength the bearing frame structure, increase oil seal and strength the motor structure with trapezoidal shaft structure, higher safety

3.Adopt IE2 high efficient motor, save more 5-10% than IE1

4.Passed CCC, CE, UL certificates

EURUS control box.jpg

Control Sytem (VFD Controller)

1. SCHNEIDER (France) electrical sets, with safety protection module inside which will interrupt the output automatically in case of some accidents.

2. Germany Rittal control cabinet, passed EMC by SGS and CCC certificates, meanwhile, passed anti-creeping tests which shields electromagnetic interference effectively. 
Protection level is IP55, passing UL, EMC, LVD, ROHS certificates.

3. DANFOSS (Denmark) VFD


Driving Hub                                                                                                

Adapt imported aluminum material and formed through 1500T hot forging+CNC lathe processing+CNC precious machincing technology. Processed by CNC, the precision error of chassis is within 100μm, making sure the precise dynamic balance. 

connector .jpg

Jacketed Connector                                                                                 

Aircraft grade 7050 hard aluminum material which is handled with heat to guarantee strength and toughness.It stood millions fatigue tests to avoid the problems of fan blade dropping due to long-time running.


Patented Kale Airfoil Blades™ Fan Blade

High strength aircraft grade magnalium, fluorocarbon painting on surface, aerodynamic fan blade design. Patented Fan blade design: 3 sets reinforcing rib supports system inside, enhance the strength of fan blades and avoid sagging of fan tail and fatigue loss of connecting components. 


Size:24ft (7.3m)20ft (6.1m)16ft (4.9m)
Air Volume:14800m³/min12900m³/min11500m³/min

Area Coverage:

Effective Height
(from fan blade to floor)
Max Speed: 56RPM60RPM75RPM
Fan Weight:135kg129kg115kg
Power: 1.5kW1.1kW0.8kW
Full Load Current:6.8 Amps/220V5.0 Amps/220V3.6 Amps/220V
Noise Level:   38.7dB (A)38.7dB (A)38.7dB (A)


1. Weight: the weight doesn't contain control box, top connection parts etc.
2. Size: the above-mentioned product size is standard, other sizes can be customized.
3. Noise: sound level measured in a distance of 1m from the motor, electromagnetic noise is less than 40DB.
4. Packing: export standard crates.
5. Area coverage: effective area with average wind speed at 0.5m/s above, actually measured in open area.



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